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Originally Posted by justavisitor View Post
Agree many many thing you say here...and got to be honest that I prefer RankaxAlto ending 1.0x10^20 times more than the RankaxAltoxSheryl ending...

I guess it comes down to how the audiences enjoy their animes then..I am the type who likes to put the setting into a more serious consideration...yes, you have your point (the staff using present values in MF, character development etc), but it's just that when I look at the setting of MF, they may have a chance of doing it (polygamy), due to the assumptions I made in my previous post....and when there is a slight possibility that polygamy is okay in this show, then I am ok to accept a harem ending
...ok. So serious = polygamy?
Lolol, nice.

I consider polygamy really lulzy in fiction and it would never, EVER fit with Macross or any kind of show that is not actually harem or idk what.

And there better be resolution in the second movie concerning the damn triangle /if that is even considered triangle, cause i never did consider it; i mean, it is not like SDF M, where Hikaru was standing between two sides but ended up leaning ultimately to Misa. In MF, Alto is clearly having a lot of chemistry with Sheryl, yet we get this shoved-ass trolling ending, which basically says 'oh, yeah Alto's actions might show this and that, but we gonna end it like this because we can. and we shall troll hur dur/ because it gets to the point where it is annoying; inevitably one side is gonna end up 'hurt' but that is how shipping works dahlings.
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