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I've come to expect something certain from Key and that 2nd OP is very very far off from that expectation.
And why do you think we've been bringing up other examples of Key products all this time? To prove to you that your preconception is wrong. There is no "Key-like" or "not Key-like" trait in their products anymore. The best you can expect when you buy a Key game is that somewhere in there, there is a story that will try to pull at your heartstrings. If there's anything so much as near to a "Key trait" that would be it. But to make that trait as the main formula of their products is something Key hasn't done, like I said, in years. That is why LB may have offended the purists, that's probably why Rewrite will too.

But who cares? People like that are living with their heads in the ground. As previously iterated, Key has been changing up their formula for years now, and if you don't like it, you are free to leave. Rewrite will have shonen elements. And it will be done in a fashion unique to Key's method of presentation. You calling it "not-Key" is silly. And yes, that 2nd OP is definitely representative of the kind of style they are trying to capture, and we are excited because we look forward to see Key's interpretation on it. Whether you approve of it or not. But that doesn't make it any less Key.

Actually, to think that you've come to somehow "Expect" something from Key that they haven't actually delivered for a while now is actually condescending an extent. It would have made more sense if you complained around the time of Tomoyo After or LB, but now after all this time it's actually reflects more of your selfishness than anything else.

Originally Posted by myopius
Ceral, you're not alone, I saw plenty of people on 4chan's /jp/ worry that Key had lost their special touch just from the second OP.
Those people should cry more then. Anyone who is complaining that Key has lost their special touch at this point in the game are misguided and delusional. What do you expect from a writing staff that is 2/3rds made up of outsiders to Key and a project that is produced in a way that is significantly different from what they've done in the past? Of course it'll be different!

Does that mean it will be bad? No! Does that mean it's not "Key!" No! Does it mean it'll not be like what they used to be? Probably, we'll see when the game is out.
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