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Originally Posted by Ceral View Post
You're not arguing with purists, you're arguing with me, and I fail to see Little Busters, which IMO is the last game that you should really consider as one of their "Big Titles" as even having any different genres from Clannad. This 2nd OP is clearly very different.
Little Busters is a completely different game from Clannad. During the Common Route it feels a lot more like a 'generic' eroge, what with the character archetypes and the stronger focus on comedy, and then in the character routes it turns... odd.

It's still a nakige but it's certainly not the same type of game that Kanon and Clannad were.

Furthermore, why are you whining about action? It having action doesn't make it 'shounen' (which is a meaningless buzzword anyway), and there's no indication that just because there will be more action scenes, it won't be a nakige.

The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive... have you seen the SIZE of that script?

Originally Posted by Ceral View Post
Huh? Are you sure about that? Do you work for Key? What were they trying to represent in their first OP then?
They were trying to fuck with people, obviously. The second OP and second demo only came out after the delay, so it's pretty clear to me that they intended for the sudden shift away from the traditional school-life formula to be a twist.

Basically, what we're trying to say is that you're complaining about a game that isn't even out yet for reasons that don't make sense to anyone.

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