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Originally Posted by Ceral View Post
I never said Romeo or Ryukishi were into making "mainstream" stuff. I am not saying that Muv Luv is shonen because it has Mecha in it, I am not saying that Rewrite is shonen because of the 2nd OP. But I am saying that the 2nd OP is shonen! I am just pointing to the 2nd OP, and despite it just being one video, it is an OP video, OP videos are usually a microcosm of the entire game. It would be ridiculous to not think that there is a possibilty that this VN will end up being similar in feel to that OP. I am hoping otherwise and what I have been trying to say all along is that I feel it is strange that you guys like that 2nd OP, because it doesn't represent the things I would get hyped up about from a VN from Key.
I never claimed you said that. I've used MLA example to show you that a single aspect of a series is hardly the only factor that can be used to qualify a story to X or Y genre.
Likewise, you never stated the authors were doing mainstream, but you were afraid that Key would do that kind of stuff using fantasy elements, despite these two authors are hardly anything close to that (especially Romeo).

Now, you stated yourself the OP is shonen. Granted, then what is the deal -for now-? That is again judging the book from its cover. I wouldn't really argue that much if it was the only OP, but we got the first OP being the main one, as well as a trial being quite "normal" so to speak. That much doesn't assure it won't turn into a shonen galore. However, the second OP doesn't confirm anything either, except the fact that "action packed content is present", without its predominent ratio or context.

Yea, well if they wanted to make an animated sequence that would be the right material to choose, but obviously they never made such a video. I don't think they would have succeeded in hyping up their fans with such a video in such a case either.
Rewrite was stated to be a very special project for them: it marks their 10th anniversary, and it is something imagined by Hinoue. As much as I do not doubt Key is trying to use that opening as an appeal, it is also part of the whole hype they were building due to the circumstances of this project.
From my point of view, such a video would only be useful in order to soften up the backlash they'll get when their fans learn their new release is mostly just about dudes brawling it out.
Then what about Clannad? They certainly didn't make an opening that would remotely hint After Story (and surely, some people were crying foul that only Nagisa got a "winner" route as result).
(This is sort of the message I get from the 2nd OP. I'm sorry but Key games aren't known for anything similar to a story revolving around most of their characters having superpowers and fighting off evil. I know that Mai's arc and part of Air's Summer arc has some fighting, but the fighting itself is hardly such a large part of the story to warrant making an OP based on it. That's what I feel. I mean even in the anime OPs, you dont' even get a single scene of Mai or Ryuuya slashing their blade.)
And here we go again: why do you expect such thing to happen just with ONE opening, whereas the other one is quite classic?
This is again the whole issue I was addressing in this discussion: you are jumping on some conclusion that is relatively hasty. Granted, if it is actually the case, then that's it. However, if it isn't the case, then it was basically barking at the wrong tree.
Honestly, just "wait & see", because for now, it is just moot.

AB had ENTIRE episodes dedicated to blasting through to their underground base. With the majority of these episodes dedicated to watching characters get picked off one by one in a comedic way, without much, if any concern to character development or dialogue. I would never expect an anime based on a VN from past Key works to have entire episodes dedicated to farcical action scenes, no matter how short their series was.
Little Busters would definitely fit the bill quite a bunch, especially if we get a Kyousuke or Saya centred episodes, just saying.

As long as they had those plot twists, and those episodes dedicated entirely to action, that show would have been a tough sale for me as coming anything close to Air/Kanon/Clannad animes.
Except the nakige formula is exactly similar to what Maeda usually does, albeit they definitely cut short by a huge margin the plot and character developments. Honestly, there is no way not to draw some similarities between AB and previous Key works regarding the themes and the composition. The execution however is a complete different matter.

Originally Posted by Ceral View Post
I was shown pics of Kud Wafter, Tomoya After, and Planetarian, please, there's no more action in these titles than in any other work. I fail to see why these wouldn't fall under the same category as the games that they were born out of. Key's last game was Kud Wafter, are you seriously going to tell me that Kud Wafter was supposed to be the herald telling me I should be expecting their next big title to be "Half" THAT 2nd OP? Planetarian is so short and "Side-Project-ish" that I wouldn't give much credence to it. You're not arguing with purists, you're arguing with me, and I fail to see Little Busters, which IMO is the last game that you should really consider as one of their "Big Titles" as even having any different genres from Clannad. This 2nd OP is clearly very different.
I'm pretty sure you weren't trying to play with semantics, but VDZ and Winkel wanted to prove you that Key does stuff beyond the scope of Kanon/Air/Clannad by showing Key/Maeda works that are different.
Of course, they do not have heavy actions at all, but the execution and themes were arguably different from their main flagship titles.

Little Busters, despite being a flagship series, is by a huge margin different from the other series, although its core is what Maeda usually writes. Really, the cast and the events in LB are definitely much broader and having a "blast" than the other 3. That's the whole thing to say: there isn't really a solid "Key" formula to put it blunty, and ignoring any VN which aren't Kanon/Air/Clannad is basically focusing only one a part of the company writers, not the full scope of it.

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