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Originally Posted by Ceral View Post
I'm trying to justify that I don't like the 2nd OP by saying it's very different from what I would expect from Key.
And our question is: what is it you expect from Key? Because if it's just nakige in the vein of Clannad/Kanon/AIR, then that boat has sailed a long time ago and you need accept that Key isn't that kind of company anymore. They have expanded and experimented on lots of things since then. This is simply another example of one of those experiments.

Maybe this will get my point across : Horsing around with your friends, a story about family, battling mysterious villains on the moon, which one of these three things should be singled out?
None. The first two are the start of about 80% of the generic eroge I've played, and the last one is reminiscent of one of the better sci-fi ADVs I've played.

The point is: none of that is Key, until you see what Key has done with the concept. That is what makes them unique. Not the ideas, but how they implement those ideas. If Key thinks they can make a "shounen" type story with their style of storytelling, I'm willing to let them try. After playing it, and it turns out to really be the generic action type of story, then I'll be right behind you in denouncing Rewrite and Key as hacks who sold out to the mainstream.
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