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The guy's name is Rotwang. He used to work for Barnaby's parents. After Barbaby's parents died he took their robotics research further eventually creating Cis. He is a bit of a mad scientist that he input Heroes data in Cis. She malfunctioned and saw any hero imagery she was programed with as targets.

It was Jake that killed Barnaby's parents. This time we may have gotten a motivation for killing them. Androids are dual-use technology it can be used benevolently or as weapons.

Being a Next supremacist Jake saw advance androids as a potential competition that has to be snuffed at the bud. Barnaby's parents may have achieved a breakthrough not mentioned yet, probably AI.

Also as a mind reader Androids puts Jake at a disadvantage being not human.

As for Kotetsu as far as we know from Bob it isn't fatal just the condition will result to permanent loss of powers.
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