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Alright, finally dropping into this thread. This show is so fun. The characters are all loveable in their own way. I think Rock Bison is more in the background than Origami Cyclone

Ep 15 - Ah, unsuspecting Sky High. those whirring noises should have tipped you off! Cis was even voiced by Dorothy! She sort of looked like a terminator + Metropolis android.
- Rotwang is also the name of the creator of the machine in Metropolis
- The orange glow - Because Jake had the orange glow, I also assumed this was part of having a second power. Maybe Tiger will "lose" his power for a while, then regain it, along with some new power (probably at the climax of the final battle).

This is one of the few shows where I actually watch the next episode preview, since there is more story after the credits (*skipped over*) and so I can hear the characters reveal some quirk about themselves and to hear them say the episode title in english
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