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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
The surprise was that our main characters all seemed to be in homosexual relationships, but that could be natural for younger people (if 14 is young), who might be more comfortable relating to their same sex, or at least to their closest childhood friend.
I also thought that their age was a plausible reason for the prevalence of homosexual relationships. The argument that this is intended as a form of birth control seems silly to me. Certainly this society is advanced enough to have developed contraception. There's even the possibility for PK abortions or even self-induced PK abortions. If heterosexual relationships are discouraged, there has to be more to it than contraception. How much do we know about how reproduction works in this society? Is Saki the natural offspring of her parents?

The scenes about Shun and the egg are confusing. The teacher talks to him about visualizing the chick in the egg. Is there a chick in the egg? If so, how is this process of visualization supposed to apply to psychokinesis? Or maybe there is no chick but Shun is expected to use his PK power to somehow fertilize the egg and accelerate the growth process? Did Shun's "evil" side distort this process and create a mini-monster? Or maybe honcho guy did it to frame Shun? And why does the wall ripple?

I can only think of a couple of shows where the illustrators deviate from the character models as often as they have in this one. There was one image of Saki where I had to stare a bit to make sure it wasn't Maria. And what's with the costume design? Those outfits Shun and Satoru wore during the breakup scene were absurd. They remind me of some of the bad alien costuming that the original Star Trek displays.

Whose hand do you think Saki is holding in the ED when she awakens from her dream? The other hand is about the same size as Saki's, so I might have guessed it is Maria's, except for the ominous forebodings about her. The boys do not look too burly, so it could be one of them as well.
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