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Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
Do you mean that there is no romantic link between Shun and Saki?

Saki was about to confessed to Shun on the last minute of the episode.... Plus the necklace Shun gave to Saki is kinda symbolic of his feelings for her. And please don't forget the rage on episode 5....

Now that reminds me of Saki back on episode 5

Episode 5 Scene
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I mean that Saki wants desperately someone to support her and adore her, it was Satoru, now Maria, and the bottom line is that despite all her rumbles about Shun, she doesn't really do anything to make him hers. She acts as an inexperienced teenage girl in love with idea of love materialized in someone that she will never have (Shun), instead of exploring and understanding her own feelings... then again she is a teenage girl growing up through the novel... however some try to ignore it and focus on other material presented, completely ignoring the perspective of the narrator, like reading/watching some shounen anime.

Oh! and Shun definitely is not interested at all in her, or better not more than anyone else.
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