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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
You've never watched the subbed version after all this time? I'm surprised. The sub was out there for so long.

Anyway, will this show aim for more "realism" like the trilogy movies? Though I still fail to see how the movie scrapped G-Armor but still use cheesy mecha like Big-Zam for "realism" .
Yeah, for some reason I just could not find it, I watched it about 8(?)years that might be the reason why.
And I think Big Zam is in Origin, the one copy that I bought in Korea was about battle at Solomon and I think Big Zam was there.

Originally Posted by RRW View Post
Origin is exist for sure (well that what they say last year) I dont really expect any news before Unicorn end really
Ok, so it is confirmed but there are no major details.
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