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Originally Posted by Workworkwork View Post
Spoiler for EP5:

Screw that rigged trial, that red was genuine!
Don't be so quick to judge that trial as rigged. There's only one rule added in addition to those from the normal games: "people who are not classified as witches are not allowed to use red without proof", and this rule was made perfectly clear. If Virgilia had said this in red before the entire court, it might have worked...but that didn't happen.

We know it was successful red because Battler was able to say it. However, it violated the stated rules of the trial. Think of it like evidence from an illegal wiretap. In certain cases, even perfectly sound evidence can be discounted if it is obtained by illegal or dubious means.
"The only moral it is possible to draw from this story is that one should never throw the letter 'q' into a privet bush. But, unfortunately, there are times when it is unavoidable."
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