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Originally Posted by Marion View Post
I'm sorry, but this is completely disregarding characterization. You're making Kyrie out to be some greedy gold digger.

As for abanding families - Kyrie probably considers Rudolf, Battler and Ange her family now (as Natsuhi thinks of the Ushiromiyas as her family) so she would never throw them away.
I am making Sumadera family as some greedy gold digger, not Kyrie. Kyrie was only working under Sumadera family's order.

One married person still have two families, right? The one who raised you up and the one you entered because of your spouse. I meant she chose Sumadera family over Ushiromiya family.

Again, this had no proof that Kyrie really adhered to Sumadera family. Only that it was a logical extension to the fact that Beatrice upheld family values (particularly the family you were raised in), and it kind of explained many motives of Beatrice and fit Lambda and Bern's comments on Beatrice. (Like "she did not pick the most straightforward method", "she wanted Battler to kill her and if Battler could not, she would kill him", "she was horribly pitiful before she was a witch" and "she did not mind losing or winning the game")
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