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Originally Posted by Turtleen View Post
Done. Could only understand bits and pieces, but done. It has answered some questions, and brought up even more, but in particular I'd like to point out;
1) Battler's sin - It seems to be he broke a promise to Beatrice, six years earlier on Rokkenjima of course. What was happening around then? Asumu's death. I think it's likely he somehow met her on the island during a visit and promised he would come back to see her, or something to that tune, but when Asumu died he forgot his promise and went to live with his grandparents, not returning for six years and forgetting he had ever met her in that time.

2) The two Beatrice's - From the end of Episode 4 it looked like suit-Beatrice and gown-Beatrice might be two different people, but this episode seems to confirm that, they have conversations together (and the "onee-sama" thing...) and appear to others at the same time. Maybe they're the daughters of human-Beatrice, or maybe dress-Beatrice IS human-Beatrice while suit-Beatrice survived and is her sister...? Something along those lines maybe... I couldn't understand enough to say much else though but I doubt they're just there to keep Meta-Battler happy.

3) Culprit = Kyrie? - I would basically just be repeating everything Marion said earlier, but I've been suspicious of her for quite a while and each game just seems to add another reason it may be her....
And THAT is why I ain't stopping now:

Umineko still has things to offer.

It's just that too many people were intimidated by random spoilers.

And that this is episode is said to shift away from the actual solving of the mystery.
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