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Originally Posted by Marion View Post
With the 2nd part, the two Beatos are creations Battler made. The first one was accidentally created - he attempted to revive Beatrice, rather than create a new one, but he messed up and created a very moe Beato with no memories. He basically flipped out when he found out she wasn't Beatrice.

Then he tried again and created a second Beatrice (the long haired suit Beato). Rather than being a moeblob like the first, she's far more closer to the original Beatrice as she has all her memories. But the problem with her is that she's still not enough like Beatrice. She doesn't have that charming side that moeblob Beato has basically. This is why the moeblob Beato calls her onee-sama (older sister) because that's essentially what she is. This Beatrice gets deleted later in the game, because Battler doesn't see any use for her and regards her as a failed Beatrice.
The moe-Beatrice said thing just like 1967-Beatrice, who said she did not know why she was born, and extremely innocent.

IMO, it was a hint that there were two Beatrices in the realworld and the 1967 Beatrice was real Beatrice's (mastermind) younger sister.

Again, I said all these because previously I speculated that Kyrie was 1952 Beatrice's daughter so 1967 Beatrice was indeed her younger sister.
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