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Originally Posted by Neophos
It is possible to create gold from other materials...

i just read somehwhere that some radiaactive mineral becomes gold after halved around 6 times, around 600.000 years or something...and the cost would be liek, 10 times more then the gold you got...>_>
Can you back it up with an actually article? I thought pretty much all the heavy radioactive stuff decayed into lead. Gold, to my knowledge, is impossible to create with fission. The fission process simply would not break down into a heavy yet stable product such as gold. It is only possible through fusion. I think stars are only able to produce heavy elements up to Fe. Then when the stars explode, all the heavy stuff(well, relatively heavy stuff, carbon and oxygen are a lot heavier than He and H), eventually gather together and form a ball, through time becomes earth. And it is through that intense heat and pressure gold that other heavier elements(heavier than Fe) are created. It also makes sense logically that heavier stuff get thrown less far away than the lighter stuff, so all the inner planets have minerals and some form of rocks, while all the outer planets are made of gas.

Also, I'm pretty sure that you don't need all of a star's power to create 1 ounce of gold. Heck, all of Earth's gold were created by the energy released by some large star's explosion billions of years ago. One star can definitely produce tons of gold.
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