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Not really, by that point Athrun was abusing Shinn severely and badmouthing him about Kira thus pushing Shinn into trusting Rey even more who in turn pushed Shinn to believe in Durandal. Had Kira not been there 99.9% of Athrun's abusive relationship with Shinn wouldn't have been there.

I'm also talking about Athrun escaping and after Durandal goes lulz crazy with power after the destruction of Logos, Shinn will form doubts and Athrun will confince him to be a man and stop Durandal from murdering millions/billions of innocents as it would be repeating the same mistakes of the past. Lacus obviously would still be alive as Athrun needs someone to give him a small army and it would/should have been Athrun stopping Cagalli's wedding anyway.
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