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Eh, they could have had Shinn with Athrun's help see that Durandal isn't as he appears and than fight to right the wrongs he unintentionally caused when he thought he was doing right.
What I wanted to see at the end was a giant enemy MS force standing in the way of Shinn (who still maintained the lead role and was "good"), Athrun, and Kira. Then we are treated to a scene of pure mecha fanservice with the Destiny, IJ, SF tearing through the forces with Athrun and Kira clearing the way for Shinn to fight the Legend and Rey, and in the end facing Durandal (in place of Kira)

This is my wistful thinking XD (come on, who wouldn't want to see that?)

Alot of you seem to be forgetting the fact that Shinn is a soldier, he have to follow orders. Questioning your superiors is also not in your best interests, as it could compromise your safety and/or undermine the whole reason you are fighting for. Shinn isn't like Athrun, who had passed this point, and was in a somewhat special situation (his father being the leader).

The only way Shinn would have switched his views was if he DIRECTLY witnessed/experienced something (so that there was no doubts at all) that directly contradicted what Durandal/ZAFT had told/established for him over the time of his service on the Minerva. EG Durandal decided that Shinn outlived his usefulness and had Rey shoot him down in the middle of a battle (just an example)
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