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Originally Posted by Alucard24 View Post
Cecilia sais something about an area 18. It was in the desert, somewhere...

Then, it's logical to say that they conquered at least 17 country (Japan included).
Not really, They could have at one point have conquered 18 "Areas" but the reality could be that they have far less, as we know all Empires influence and control of geography terrain wanes & grow.

Also, while it may seem logical to name a newly conquered with an ascending numeric number, other logic dictates that it could easily be name in an numeric order depending on its geographic location/it's landmass with in it's defined national borders or even the resources/civil infrastructure/economy it has, at the time of the assessment or during or/and after the conquest.

In short, while it is generally agreed the B.E is a vast empire that could possibly rival or surpass the real life B.E. i.e. "The sun never sets in the British Empire"

There is no evidence to suggest that there are "18 Areas" of equal status.
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