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So your saying, that that large landmass to the west of that map, that is coloured in Green, which we can deduced as the China, Cambodia, Indonesia, North & South Korea, Malaysia, and Far East Russia have all been "assimilated" by the Britannica Empire but are not of "equal" status, and thus from your logic they have been coloured differently?
No I didn't say that. All I said is it's doubtfull that Britania launched the attack from a country who isn't assimilated because

1. that country may not be really happy with that and that could cause a little war (win Britania of course)
2. Britania isn't the kind of empire to ask nicely other country to lend them some part of their territory, they'll take the entire country in one shot, that's easier
3. China would not be happy with that and like I said earlier, if it was only a fleet without other support far away any base of the empire, it would be easy for the china to attack them due to proximity.

It is a simple reminder that those are bases or gathering of Britannica Forces in a country of location not claimed by them, but are allowing them to attack from.
This gives doubt to your claim that these areas are part of the B.E.
If it's like that, then that's mean this map isn't completely accurate because there is another name on this country (imagine if the US writed US Army on Europe.... Even if they have base there, this isn't the america...). Wich mean, the colors are not representative either : no such thing as a color for "friends" and another one for enemy. They just changed the color of the capital and of the target and that's all

btw, no I didn't see the 18 for now.

@random : I think you could be right. It would make senses that Bratina and Europe have kept their colonies. I would even say that it will be strange for Britania for not take them back (if they ever lost them). As for the Great Britain, they would definitively recover it, just because of pride.

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