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Originally Posted by Kagura89
Animating unique color palette design might be hassle of the staff while maintaining the overall animation of each episode so i can see why the simplified the design. Not to mention they have to think the budget that given to them for TV anime series. It's early to say about what kind of direction they decided with this adaptation so let's just wait and see.
The success of Steins;Gate (the game) is driven by having unique and good story for a visual novel. The most important will be the adaption of the story at least in my (critical) opinion.

Of course, willing to go against typical character designs of modern anime/gaming probably did help the success of the game. Of course one has to blind to say that being flashy and extravagantly cute are not deciding factors for series going super popular. I will be happy enough if Steins;Gate make a good adaption, and the folks behind make a reasonable amount of money.
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