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Originally Posted by delirium View Post
But do you want to base your work off the standard, or do you really want to amaze yourself and other members with how broad your skill set, imagination, and interests are? Patchy's signatures are nice, but are a dime a dozen. They don't typically stand out. Don't you want anything you work on to be an expression of yourself? I mean okay, if you're a boring person and think very simply then I suppose it's permissible. It's better to experiment and fail than dig yourself into a niche market and succeed. At least in my opinion it is, and that is what all my ratings are, opinions. You don't like them? You don't have to! All I ask is that you respect my pseudo-right to express 'em.
first, I do respect your opinion and your right to express it otherwise I wouldn't bother to talk to you or about what you said...

Second, to answer some of your questions, I make my signatures so than it fit my tastes, more than in the purpose to impress others. Do I try to stand out; no, but lets see some fact; now , I am doing/using signatures in serie , quoting full text of songs or poetry, either in english, french or japanese... before that I passed a whole year with different signature each week , all based on a little serie of light novel, almost abscent of this forum ( you can look on my thread to see by yourself... ) . Do I want to experiment, do somethin different; of course but there's 2 thing than will always reduce my possibility to do so: I use PhotoShop Element ( which have less tool thanthe full PhotoShop ) and the necessity of making the text readable. At the end, I try to improve and to do news things but there's limit.

Third, one Patchy's defence, one thing than make them less stand out is the quantity of them on this forum. The more signature of him than he see, the less ovelty they have, but it's the case of everyone of us's signatures. Can he do something different, yes but that's isn't what those than request him signature want. One example:
Spoiler for the example:

That's Patchy's work and yet...
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