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Originally Posted by bigdave View Post
@Dist 7/8/7/9 so around 8 overall
nice placement for your render. I like the light source and the color it is.
I like what you did with the bg, but it would look even nicer with more depth and atmosphere.

6/7/6/7/ so around 6.5
I like that you made unit1 all black cuz with that red the purple would have clashed. I like the eyes and bg being same in color. Good job with it. Bg could use a little more work. In which i mean try making something using different sources of pictures and such.
bigdave: 8/10 I really like the colors in your signature. They mesh well and I like the atmosphere of it.

As far as my signature is concerned, you are right. I could probably put something else in with the background, but I liked how it was at that point so that's what I used. Thank you for the suggestions. They are actually very much so appreciated.
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