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If the anime had skipped from Ep 1 to Ep 8 we'd have a TON of very confused anime viewers... I don't agree that adapting the side stories was such a bad idea. If nothing else (ignoring character growth) they gave us a very solid and strong understanding of the game's 'system' so we don't need things explained now.
I agree with Adigard. I think that having Ep. 2-7 side stories introduced us to certain aspects of the game world and state of affairs in the game. With prior knowledge of this details Ep. 8 didn't need to be interrupted with different explanations. If it followed the LN this ep wouldn't be as smooth.

Hopefully what I'm going to write isn't considered againts the rules, but what if this was placed as Ep. 2 instead of Ep. 8 and followed the LN which interrupts a lot of scenes with explanations. How would you feel if for this ep we would be witness to a lengthy explanation to the game world and current state before the intro. The Ragout rabbit kill would be interrupted by an explanation of the scan/track skill and throwing skill. The shop scene was interrupted by some explanation of the economy and items. And don't forget the duel where we had an idea of them from ep 5-6, here it would have consumed time too. Also the item durability/breakage was shown as part of the plot during previous episodes where as in the LN Kirito explain those things in the middle of the duel while doing his sword skill moves! On the other hand if didn't explain anything a lot of anime viewers would be left with a lot of questions or start poking plotholes everywhere...

I preferred how we were sublty introduced or witnessed parts of the game mechanics as part of the plot during previous episodes rather than being shoved all of them here. I think this episode pace was quite fluid with us viewer having previous knowledge of things, just like a MMO player at higher levels has knowledge of the game world and mechanics.

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