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Originally Posted by Shiuch View Post
You have pretty long list of Romance animes, but I can't see one masterpiece in it.. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

It isn't quite what you wanted, it's sad and depressing. But there's different wiev's you can go for. And the first two episodes are heaven. For myself, it got me so down and angry that I didn't know what to do for a time. But then I got one thing from it. ^^ There are happy in it too. I'm still not sure do I hate or Love it, maybe both.

And the end is really up to you is it happy or not, for me it was sad at first, but it was because my shock, I was unable to understand it. Then I slept over night and watched it again, and there's a little plot in it what I didn't get.. Then it turned happy.

But this is definitely a must watch series for Romance watcher, the best Romance anime so far.
Just no. Not happy, even remotely. nice try though. (its not even a good anime, so no on both counts)

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