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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
He wants all taxes to be purely a sales tax (with exceptions for food or whatever). This isn't necessarily a bad idea (like a VAT) to replace the 3-tier (income, property, sales) type of tax system. It encourages saving rather than spending blah blah blah. It has the unintended consequence of making it tougher from economies to recover from down cycles, etc.

The problem is he's just buying his way to his solution - not exactly a "debate of ideas", more like steamrollering it with trucks of money -> plutocracy.
@Vexx, a sales tax just means he, Romney, pays as much as the poor/homeless as far as goods & services go. I can't, not in a million years, ever approve of a taxation system like that if it means the scrapping of the other tiers of taxing.
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