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Had Soma made a crappy food, and Erina made a superior dish, she will still lose the match. This applied the same to Soma's case. They need each other to win. I have no problem with Erina for being the 1st seat because she is definitely a better chef than Soma at this point.

I only have a problem with you that you think Soma doesn't deserve the 2nd seat because you think Isshiki and Megishima were better than Soma despite that they had a terrible showing in this arc. I feel that you didn't give Soma enough credit at here. Don't forget that even Azami has praised Soma's dishes for able to stand up against Eishi's true gourmet where Isshiki and Megishima had failed to do so.
dragon1412 already replied about the second point so Iíll try again to explain the first one.
I didnít say that Erina would have won if Soma made a terrible dish. I mean that to be able to stand up to Eishiís dish Soma needed Erina tips about every single thing he has done, something that he would have never been able to do without her help. Right now his skills arenít enough to face Eishi on his own. Erina, however, created a dish that surpass Somaís (which thanks to her help was on the same level of Eishiís) so she already has the skills to make a dish superior to Eishiís on her own (here Soma helped her just because of the time, he didít prepared anything that Erina couldnít on her own for her dish with the right amount of time).
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