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Not really, Souma accomplished what he can partly due to Erina as a kind of marker, determined is the food cooked enough is part of skill and trial involved, Souma skip all that with Erina. So if we are to be fair, it's either SOuma cook alone or Erina take turn helping every single one, and the result is likely that Souma is below them
Originally Posted by Ka-el View Post
dragon1412 already replied about the second point so Iíll try again to explain the first one.
I didnít say that Erina would have won if Soma made a terrible dish. I mean that to be able to stand up to Eishiís dish Soma needed Erina tips about every single thing he has done, something that he would have never been able to do without her help. Right now his skills arenít enough to face Eishi on his own. Erina, however, created a dish that surpass Somaís (which thanks to her help was on the same level of Eishiís) so she already has the skills to make a dish superior to Eishiís on her own (here Soma helped her just because of the time, he didít prepared anything that Erina couldnít on her own for her dish with the right amount of time).
You guys aren't giving Soma's enough credits. Why must you guys assumed that Soma can only cook the Dino Meat with Erina's help and not because Soma chose to cook the Dino Meat because he has Erina? It was clear that he has decided to cook something different than usual because his entire plan is revolving around Erina as his tool. If there is no Erina or he doesn't want to use Erina, he would have chosen a different approach or strategy for this match.

In the end, Dino meat is Soma's idea alone and Erina is just a tool like those noodle maker or kitchen knife for him.
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