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Originally Posted by Ka-el View Post
OMG... it's truly useless. So you think that the day after he used everything he got from the moment he was born to the last shokugeki he had to defeat the former 5th seat, Soma is improved enough to stand against Eishi and/or Rindo on his own?

Come on, there is a limit to power up and even to fan imaginations. Soma could have never created that dish without Erina and he even said it himself that he couldn't before because he didn't have her (that's why he didn't prepare it in his first match against Eishi). He used Erina to do practically everything. He imagined the dish, but Erina practically corrected him all the way through. Everytime she corrected him when he questioned her in his cooking, he was making mistakes that he couldn't see on his own and that would have lead to a failure (since he was combining to dishes the slightest mistake would have destroyed the balance of the final dish)

Soma chose to use Erina exactly because he got that he could have never been able to realize a dish that could being on the same level of the top 2 on his own. That's the whole point.

No one's saying that Souma couldn't think of the idea to make that dish without Erina. They're saying (and I completely agree here) that without her help, he wouldn't have been able to make it as good. I mean come on, Sixth, did you miss the part where he made Erina taste the dish and ask her how it was or if he could make it better at every turn, with her also pointing out mistakes he'd made that he couldn't have spotted on his own (he couldn't have spotted them on his own)?

But that dish represents Souma's specialty so I hope he'll be able to create it or something else that uses the same principles on his own in time.

@Knighto: The chapter itself is out. Just wait for scanlations now.
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