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I have to admit, this latest update raised a few questions for me, namely, if the Guild is in charge of all the refugees then where the heck are they in Fam? They certainly aren't protesting that the Ades are reclaiming the lands that, presumably, they gave to the refugees and they didn't have Lilianna who is an other Exile key (as someone said on the anime thread, it's a bit unlikely that they were completely wiped out in the two years between series). My theory is that the Guild actually isn't in charge on Earth, this guy seemed a bit desperate, and that they're trying to bully the people of the A-D Prestar so they can get Al and become more powerful again (since nothing says "don't mess with us" quite like dropping an Exile on a country). I'm probably reading way too much into this but I do suspect that the situation is a bit more complicated that it previously seemed.
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