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I will go with the higher range.

Lucci is shown to be one of the strongest characters so far. And I won't be surprised if he was considered around the level of Ao Kiji. If Luffy can beat Lucci, Luffy will be considered among one of the strongest pirates, in terms of his own pure strength. And I think considering he directly attacked World Government, he can easily destroy a battleship himself alone, have Robin in his crew, and in the near future Franky, and having a very strong crew following him, his bounty should reach the heights of the two other most dangerous pirate captains alive. Also, note that those two other pirate crews seem to not directly attack the World Government yet at least not like Luffy and the others. So, I expect it to be not less than those two Shichibukai's bounties maybe at least 500 million or so.

Zoro might triple his current amount to reach the range of 200-300 (beating that swordsman captain while going to Enias Lobby, beating Kaku after he ate devil fruit). Usopp will get something this time, controlling Giants, burning World Government flag, sniping skills noticed by Spandam and others. It would be great if he can get something around 100 million. Chopper might only get because of his Giant transformation - and that says a lot. Nami's weapon also will draw some interest - Kalifa was not at a very high level so I am not sure about its impact. Sanji beat another very high level CP9 member. He also attacked the officers on the puffing tom. So he will get a good bounty this time, bot most probably less than Zoro's (more Marimo - less-valued pirate discussion waiting for us then).
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