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As others have already mentioned, bounties aren't simply a reflection of someone's powerlevel. Ofcourse it has a big influence on the bounty, but there are different factors at work when determining this. In short, I'd say it's a combination of strength, the perceived threat, amount of exposure, activity level, area of operation, and possibly more I can't think of right now.

- Strength: this is ofcourse the most obvious factor. Defeat big names and the bounty is on par with those big names.
- Perceived threat: powerful or not, if someone is considered dangerous because of their viewpoints, methods or harmful to the world government, it adds to their bounty.
- Exposure (or lack thereof): defeating big names is only of influence to a bounty if said exploits are actually known to the navy, and how much focus is put on them.
- Activity: some might not be known for being powerful, but achieve most of their notoriety because committing many acts of piracy.
- Area of operation: the grand line is obviously the place to make a name for yourself, the much lower bounties on the regular seas clearly shows that.

Some examples...

Luffy's bounty is mostly based on his strength by defeating some big names, and his new bounties have been on par with the bounty of the people he defeated. But I think the perceived threat and exposure have also been a large influence. The exposure is natural simply because some big names were involved, but the perceived threat is because of the embaressment he has caused the navy (slapped the marines around, namely the rat guy was shown some humility calling for the bouncy) and world government (defeating Crocodile which the world government doesn't want to become public).

Sanji has no bounty yet, because even if his accomplishments are known to the navy, they were overshadowed by Luffy's and Zoro's and as a result no attention might have been paid to them.

Robin's bounty seems rather high for what was then only a little girl, doing something that lower tier bounties could have accomplished aswell. I think the fact that navy ships were involved here, and the fact she was still young (in other words, she could get even more dangerous when older) have caused this bounty to be so high. I'm actually very curious to know more about Robin's past...

Arlong's bounty was among the highest in East Blue, but simply because he did not stay in the grand line it limited his potential bounty. If he had stayed in the grand line successfully he would easily have doubled his bounty, I think. He would probably wipe the floor with someone like Bellamy (my next example) who has a higher bounty partly because he operates in the grand line.

Bellamy was a total wimp compared to Luffy, and although he might be powerful compared to some lower tier pirates, I think a decent part of his bounty can be attributed to the fact that he's managed to keep operating on the grand line and has a high level of activity. That would also explain Sarquiss' bounty, who looked even less impressive for a 30+ mill bounty and would even have been beaten by Norland if not for Bellamy's intervention, iirc.

Hope that made some sense, the examples covered all the possible factors I listed.
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