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Originally Posted by MihawkXGP
Yeah but thats just it. Luffy has done something which No Pirate has ever done before-to attack Enies Lobby and causing its complete destruction.
That alone is enough to warrant a huge bounty-probably on par with the Shicbbuckai, no?
Croc had a bounty of 80 mill... anything above 100 million is already a bounty on par with shichibukai... besides, we have no idea what Kuma, Doflamingo and such have done to earn their bounties... While Luffy's attack on Enies Lobby was something no pirate has ever done before, the actions that of Kuma and Doflamingo each did in their entire time as pirates could be seen as even worst... While the strawhats did few but big actions of each shichibukai probably did smaller but MANY more actions; combinded of which is worst than enies looby...
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