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Originally Posted by minimariam100
I don't know how the government is really going to react to this, because CP9 is undercover, so doesn't that mean only some people in the government know about it? Won't everyone wonder who the strawhats defeated to get such high bounties? They know ofcourse they wouldn't get such high bounties just for beating Spandam-or the low level marines. They have to do something serious to get those bounties. If people were to discover CP9 was an assasin group, their faith in the goverment would shake.
Well, the poeple don't really need all the details... afterall, the gov't gave a huge bump to Luffy's bounty for beating croc, however to the public they gave all the credit to Croc's defeat to Smoker; thus giving the public no real reason for a 70 million berri increase... The gov't doesn't have did tell anyone about the existance of CP9, they can just say that the new bounty is for the attack of ennies lobby
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