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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
One thing I kinda wondered about: why didn't Chika use a fixed Shield and just tank Inukai's attacks? Or tried to take him with her Lightning?
Mentally exhausted from her first actual intended "kill", not by accident. Plus Inukai could have just sneaked up on her and finish her off and she wouldn't have noticed. Instead he made noise and praised her before letting her rise to finish her off. It was basically a respect thing where Chika also knew that her opponent didn't had to be this polite with her if he had wanted to shoot her. And by this point her team had the two points they needed so it didn't matter if she got a third or if Inukai gets an extra point for his team, nobody can take their 2nd place now.

Honestly this is one of the few series where 2nd place feels like first place because of the stakes that were on it and the strong opponents in the way to said place.^^
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