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Sousou no Frieren updated to 96.

While the kids hold off one demon, Denken stays behind from the group to deal with Macht. Denken states he chose not to fight because he had a sliver of hope that Macht could restore their home, but since he plans to eliminate anyone who knows about him so he can start over in a different land, Denken decides to take him on. He puts up an impressive fight, but since Macht is in a hurry he decides to just turn him into gold... except he gets it turned on him thanks to the same magic Serie used in the past to reverse curses cast against the user. It's explained that rather than teaching it, she transfered the magic that took her one-hundred years to learn over to him, at the expense of never being able to use it herself. Though, as she points out, she can just relearn it because a hundred years is a blink of the eye for her. Just another reminder that Elves have a skewed sense of time to humans.
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