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Originally Posted by Gai-Kakashi
Its all a question of perception.

Naruto was percieved as a dropout, he failed the academy three times.

Lee was percieved as a dropout, he had absolutely no talent at Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Taijutsu.

Chouji was percieved as a dropout because everyone saw him as a weak fatass.

This changes because they grow and compensate for their weakness, but ignore that for now.

Sasuke was percieved as a Genius, i.e. a person with a lot of natual born ability and talent. He had the bloodlimit of the Uchia clan and was the #1 rookie at the academy.

The same for Neji, he had those spiffy peepers of his and could use the devine cyclone and 64 heavenly fists. He was also the previous #1 rookie at the academy. Neji also believes that all of his abilities, and the abilities of powerful people in general, is all decided by birth/destiny. Example: If you're born poor, then you're going to die poor and there's nothing you can do about it.

The moral that Naruto is trying to get across IMO is that untalented "dropouts" can be become better than those with bundles of talent.

Do you know what the Navy SEALs look for in recruits? Many SEAL instructors say the talented "gazelles" are among the first to drop out, where as the guy that came in last in PT, but doesn't quit, is the sort of person that they're really looking for. That what Richard Marchinko, legendary SEAL looked for anyway.

Make sense now?
Yeah, except you're still wrong about Naruto and Lee being geniuses.

The fact of the matter is this simple comparison:

An Average Joe is weaker than a Lazy Genius.
A Lazy Genius is weaker than a Hard Worker.
A Hard Worker is less than a Hard Working Genius.

"Tensai" in Naruto and outside of it as well, is referring to anyone who has a natural gift they were born with. (Naruto isn't BORN with Kyuubi, and it can theoretically be removed from least locked away.)

Hard work is NOT a natural gift. It's a personality trait that you develop. Any genius can become hard working. Eveyone who works hard cannot become a genius.

You're trying to quantify which is best. The original poster just wanted to know what genius was referring to. You're vehemently defending an argument, and then argiung a different point, and I think everyone agrees with the two basic points that precipitated out of this discussion:

1) Tensai basically equates to the English terms, "Genius" (Shikamaru), "Prodigy" (Neji, Haku), and "Talented" (Sasuke, etc.)

2) Geniuses are not necessarily better than driven individuals with strong will.
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