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So are you implying Naruto's freakish stamina and Lee's ability to open the Gates are not innate? If they are, then shouldn't the two be considered prodigies as well since they are born with those special physical traits? I just don't understand your logic; just because their innate physical talents don't have a special cool name and that they don't have a famous family known for those talents doesn't mean they aren't "tensai" by the same standards you judged Sasuke and Neji. As for how fast/efficient they learn jutsus and such, Lee probably doesn't have the mark of a genius, but Naruto definitely isn't inferior to any of the "geniuses" you've mentioned in regards to learning curve.

Originally Posted by OhJustSomeRandomGuy
Ok, Naruto got the scroll for Kage Bunshin. I'm pretty sure anyone, yes, even Sakura, would be able to perform it. However, they aren't permitted to learn it. That's nothing.
HUH?!?!? How did you end up with this conclusion?!
Okay, Sakura still has hope. All Tsunade needs to do is let her read every scroll Konoha has to offer, and in a matter of weeks she'll surpass Naruto + Sasuke + Kakashi but MAYBE not on par with Orochimaru!
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