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Originally Posted by Dranz
Well if you think about it, Kage Bunshin is nothing special. It's not harmless unless you know what you're doing and can control your Chakra well. Sakura is the best at Chakra control so she could easily pull it off. The only problem is that she doesn't have enough chakra stamina in order to makes enough clones.
Exactly right.

Sakura could have like 2-3 clones whereas Naruto can make 1,000. It would be useless for her to have that few clones, may as well just stick with the normal bunshin, and therefore it's forbidden for most.

(BTW, on the spoiler thingy, I was just putting the tags on Hiko's...he had posted it unspoilered, and when I quoted him, I had tagged it. Probably forgot to tag my own referral to it, bad.)
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