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Originally Posted by shaoron View Post
on another note.. you know.. as much as i hate that computer club president (male), Computer club president (female) and Yuuki seems like a good pair for some reason...
must be the darn twin tail...
Well, if you're one of Yuki's legion of fanboys, this can be passed off as jealousy and/or not wanting to see Yuki with anyone(or at least, no one you don't approve of)... with their genders swapped around, that pretty much disappears entirely, as Yuuki wouldn't ignite the same feelings as Yuki would.

Of course, I'm a bit of an exception to this. Despite being ridiculously protective of Yuki myself, I honestly have no problems with the computer club guy. In fact, I actually end up feeling sorry for the poor guy most of the time. Of course, if he were to try something funny with her, I'd be forced to unleash the blazing fury of ten thousand suns upon his sorry hide.
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