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Originally Posted by Gundam Meister View Post
Thank you

As expected, Kanae Itou fits Elsee like a glove. Though I'm afraid that she might be trying to overdo her ''cutesy'' voice (I found some parts of her speech very jarring to listen to) Hopefully she can tone it down a bit in the actual show.

Keima ... he sounds okay. Hiro Shimono makes him sound very bored (so I guess that's accurate lol) and not interested, but his fit makes him sound like I always imagined him. I just wish there'd be more ham to go with the cheese.

Hm, looking from the trailer, it looks like one cour, but


animation looks really nice (loved the animated color for Elsee) and I guess that buries any complaints about Ayumi and Mio looking like that in the pic , and the music sound excellent.

Can't wait till fall!

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