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And a better end than in EoE? Seriously? Her end (and Shinji's) in EoE was fantastic, one of the greatest triumphs in the series, for sure. The quality of a character arc's conclusion isn't measured by how "happy" it is. Asuka could end up the healthiest and happiest person on Earth in the manga for all I care, she'd still be an extremely shallow character, light years from her anime self.
i guess to each his own. Anno's interpretation of evangelion just freaked the hell outta me.

call me un-artisitic if you wish -- but i am interpreting it from the mind set of anno at that point. he was clinically depressed and all his thoughts were projected throughout the series especially shinji. the more i watched it, the more i learned about the director -- not the characters.

at least in my opinion, sadamoto could give evangelion a proper ending -- yes, it means with closure.
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