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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
I'd just like to forward something a friend of mine said to me last night. This problem isn't confined to AS. It has become global across anime communities/dens, it seems.

This isn't specifically a problem with AS. This is a problem with modern anime fandom. Aspects of which Solace has already eluded to.
Yep believe me I'm no fan of this trend either and sadly saw it coming weeks ahead of SAO and Muv-Luv's airing when I realized just how hyped up both were becoming. 4Chan loves to make the experience of other fans miserable when a show gets popular and it has a habit of spreading outside the confines of that forum as well. I could site many prior examples, but yeah modern anime fandom like modern anime/gaming fandom has a lot of problems. Aside from the 4channers it really needs to just chill the heck out.
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