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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
...Muv-Luv's airing.
I don't think it's an issue with 4chan-isms seeping through at all, but Muv-Luv's situation is relatively complex. Total Eclipse is a LN-made sidestory of a sequel of an alternative ending of a parallel world of an eroge. This fact alone means that some familiarity with the setting is required, or some things won't make any sense... which is exactly what many anime-watchers are experiencing.

While it was helpful to create setting and military/geopolitical threads to clear things up, those threads are pretty much glorified Q&A threads that give a LOT of details on the franchise. I don't really mind myself, as the more info for me to digest the better, but for someone who might want to jump into the world of Alternative or Ultimate, well...

We're put in a position where the setting doesn't make sense, people who know of the setting can't explain because it might be considered a spoiler even if it's not even about the events of the show, and to have things make sense the curious person is to be directed to the game threads... which are more or less 100% spoilers for the main series instead.

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