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Let me be really blunt here: if people want to watch the anime without the "benefit" of the source material, even if "makes no sense", even if you think you're "expected" to know certain things, even if you think "all the fans in Japan know this" (hint: they don't; there are anime-only viewers there too), you have to give them that right. It's not up to source material readers to decide what anime-only viewers should and shouldn't know. You can present comparisons to what was currently aired behind properly-labelled spoiler tags. And, in cases where it's really, really required, we can create a separate thread for "background information that you may want to know", as I did with Muv-Luv (after discussing with some familiar with the source). But we on the staff will not allow source material readers to be the judge of what anime-only viewers "need to know". We have rules to determine where conversation has to reside. There is an acceptable place for almost every kind of post, even if it isn't where you think it's supposed to be. If people want to spoil themselves on information that may help them make sense of things that confuse them, they are free to make that choice and to partake. But in the meantime, if you try to make an executive decision on their behalf, you may be banned for it. Be prepared.

Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
The intensified spoilers policy has a big effect to the threads. It seems either members are afraid to post ( might accidentally type a spoiler) or use the spoiler tags (if their post would be appropriate). Kinda scary, but a policy is a policy.
It's not that hard.

Will it be explained/covered later? NOT OK.
Is it just a supplement to what was already shown? SPOILER TAG IT.

If you have nothing to say about the anime except to talk about the source, then just go to the source thread or spoilers & speculation for shows with sub-forums.

The bottom line is: respect the right of anime-only viewers to experience the show and the related discussion without any outside information. If people can do that, the rules are just clarifying what should come naturally. It's not like we made the rules because we needed rules; it's just a formalization of what for some of us was already common practice.

(And by the way, the policy hasn't actually changed. We just re-worded it and made the penalties a bit clearer because some people didn't seem to be getting it despite attempts to try to point it out in the threads.)

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