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Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
Me waiting for dullahan, so I can enjoy a "normal" relationship.
well...if you consider fuck a woman without her head intact is normal...
(I just remember weird hobby of a prisoner that I killed months ago, he like to rape his victims after he kill them, and can't get a boner if they still alive)

Dullahan head often came off, so only missionary position available.
Try Doggy style and the mood gonna turn to horror or Guro when her head come off from 'shaking move'

why don't grab Yuki Onna?, you can bang her many times and won't shed a sweat, her power gonna keep your lower half in cool environment (I read human male genitals often fill in with blood in cool condition when the body maintain blood circulation to prevent unwanted harm), maintaining the amazing 'Rod' in 'power' state, as well as possible 'extra round'

Among all monster girl, Yuki Onna have the most humanoid form of the monster girls beside Vampire variant of Succubus, no pointy ears, horn, weird skin color/condition, tail, claw, or tentacle.
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