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Originally Posted by MagikalFly
what's going on? I see chapter 1-7 of manga available but earlier, there was a volume 1, i think, of manga also available. Both seemed real but very different art. what's up with that?
If you looked at the first page of the anime thread (also known as the peaceful times before the anime aired and brought with it a swarm of new fans), you'll know that there are two different manga adaptations for Suzumiya Haruhi.

The first manga adaptation, which serialized on the comic magazine Shonen Ace back in 2004, was drawn by Mizuno Makoto. Unfortunately, the manga was received poorly among the fans because both the drawing style and the storytelling were too different from the original novel. The manga was cancelled after only a single tankoubon release in September of 2004 (The cover is shown in Neosam's post above). For most people, this manga has been swept into kurorekishi (dark history). In other words, "it never existed".

The second (current) manga adaptation is drawn by Tsuganogaku, and began its serialization on Shonen Ace back in November of 2005, and is currently still ongoing. The first tankoubon (volume) of the manga is due to be released on April 26, 2006.
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