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V2, while not being the ultimate popular design, is also a popular design, yet doesn't even have an MG.
ermm yeah, because it may be too small to incorporate internals, what does this have to do with Turn-A's chances of getting PG treatment?

Quote: my post....different PGs... It's the same thing. And Skygrasper was only made PG so Bandai could milk more money from the buyers because they wanted a PG Aile Striker.
there are 7 different PGs, not 6.
lemme spell it out for ya...

1. Gundam 2. Zaku 3. Zeta 3. WZC 5. Mk-II 6. GP01/FB 7. Strike

and the recolors

8. Chars Zaku 9. Titans MK-11 10. Strike Rouge

See? 7 original PGs, not 6. give me a cookie now!

(yeah, that skygrasper looked like an oversized EX model if anything though. that I can partially agree)
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