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Originally Posted by SNT1
which is exactly my point. People here earlier have been saying it is an amazing design. If its sooooo amazing, revolutionary, etc... then why didnt it make the PG roster? WZC got a PG after its debut, and strike had 2 years when it got a PG. In order to make a PG, it must have extremely high demand, both the MS and its show counterpart.

also, there are series that had 3 PGs in it, including recolors: MSG and Zeta Gundam, which, obviously was the top 2 best Gundam series ever.

F91 tanked, so i doubt we'd be seeing a PG version of it, V2 still has a decent 1/60 model of it, Gundam X was cancelled, etc...
Well, my point hasn't really been that Turn A is PG worthy. My point has been that just because Turn A doesn't have a PG or even an MG is not justification that it is a crappy/unpopular design, and most certainly not evidence of the series being bad.

Two PGs for each, SNT. Two. The "multiple colors" thing is and always has been merely a scheme to milk more money from the hardcore collectors. You won't see the average hardcore collector buy two green Zaku IIs, but put Char's Zaku II up there, and... This works even for the less-popular designs that still got an MG like Z'Gok.
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