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One of the better episodes out there I must say.

-Sabrac is the most badass villain I have seen, and his voice actor is perfect too.

-Visuals are top notch and we gotta love the BGM throught the entire epi, I even recognized a season 1 tune in there .

-Those who pointed out "Yuji goes screaming again" I'm sorry but he's still awesome. They are facing one of the strongest Guze no Ō, of course he'd scream if he sees a million firebolts coming at him. He didn't learn how to escape quickly in battle (nor how to fly). He knows how to wield swords, how to cast a fuzetsu and how to control his PoE to make his own fireballs...but that's it. Where Yuji truly shines is in his analysis of situations at hand. We'll likely see how he will find a way to turn the tables next episode.

-Speaking of next episode, if it doesn't conclude the battle with Sabrac, that means even less episodes to conclude "That which will happen soon"...I'm also feeling that we probably won't see much on the romance part of the show anymore.
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