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Originally Posted by Youhei View Post
That's the main reason I request for the Non-H version, because there are a lot more people who would rather play that version, but even so, some parts would be the same so the translations could be combined if another group decided to take up Ecstasy?
I think more people would want to play EX, actually. Sure there are people who seem to have some kind of inexplicable phobia to eroscenes, but they're by far the minority. Plus EX isn't just limited to the additional eroscenes - as Sterling stated they'll be three new routes, a sizable amount of changes both in CGs and in text to the existing character routes, music, etc. It'll be the definitive version whether you like seeing Kudo deflowered or not.

Saying that though, I don't think this is such a bad idea, because a decent amount of it will be the same and as such could be worked on in advance for when EX does come out. A couple of routes at least (Rin's, Yuiko's) have been said to be mostly the same in EX except for the addition of a few CGs and such.

Originally Posted by DeotoxSlayer
I think so too, but would baka-Tsuki really be willing to host a H-game translation project.
Nothing on their disclaimer page seems to indicate they wouldn't host it - they won't host material available in the target language officially, but there's no indication they have anything against adult material. It's not like they'd be posting the CGs either, just a bit of text, half of which will just be random moaning anyway.
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